Coast Weekly

A Natural Progression
by Rick Deragon
June 20, 2002

Bold youth meets refined middle age in an exhibit of two Bay Area artists.

You won’t find shock-value expressionism here. Citret and Horn work on the premise that the world is hauntingly beautiful, in spite of what we might do to it.

The history of art overflows with stories of artists evolving through phases. We see the early work, fresh from the cocoon of training, emerging like a chrysalis spreading its new found wings. Then the mature work appears, marked by signs of mastery of material and the heart. Finally, the late period shows the world a transcendent vision, or, sadly, paraphrase and degeneration. A dual exhibition featuring photographs by Mark Citret and Rolfe Horn at the Weston Gallery in Carmel affords the opportunity of seeing two photographers at different stages of development. In one there is youthful enthusiasm, a vital freshness; in the other, a veteran’s seasoned self-confidence as he imposes his vision on his chosen world of subject matter.